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Online check-in through website and your own branded mobile apps on iPhone and Android platforms provide your patients a pre-check-in capability to.

- Provide Profile Information
- Take pictures of Insurance and Photo ID Cards
- Sign Consents
- Take the Patient Reported Outcome questionnaire
- Take the Medical History questionnaire at their own convenience before arriving to clinic.

Accept online bookings through website and your own branded mobile apps on iPhone and Android platforms.

This increases your web presence and makes you more approachable. Our smart SMS and Email notifications help you easily communicate with patients.

Visit Summary is a smart graphical report that is generated based on.

- Medical history questionnaire
- Patient Reported Outcomes
- Physician notes and diagnosis.

This increases patient engagement and satisfaction.
Prosk® Notes is a smart tool that helps you write notes quickly using tags and rules.

About Prosk

Prosk ® is a revolutionary platform for healthcare practices that digitally transforms paper-based processes, improves quality of care, and enhances the patient experience while at the same time reducing administrative time and costs . With Prosk, physicians can extend their practices beyond physical and geographic boundaries by delivering industry-standard health care surveys and telemedicine visits to patients anywhere. Patients may use their own mobile or laptop devices to check-in and provide health record survey information and consents through an online secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Patient responses are automatically tracked and scored yielding real-time results so that physicians can view patient data and historical reports with ease. Powerful trend analysis and geographic displays enhance and simplify consultations leading to improved outcome reporting and more efficient case processing.

Online publishing
Presence on Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore in addition to your website increases patient acquisition and retention.
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Accept online bookings through website and your own branded mobile apps on iPhone and Android platforms. Our smart SMS and Email notifications help you interact efficiently with patients.
Meaningful Telemedicine Video visits on the Web or Mobile Device Integrated with your existing EMR and Scheduling System and providing powerful Patient analytics.
DOCUMENTS Document Manager safeguards your documents (Consents, Insurance Cards, ID Cards, Imaging, Letters, Lab Reports) in a HIPAA-compliant searchable repository.
Medical History
Digitized patient medical history (including ICD codes) enables efficient decision making and better patient care.
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Visit Summary
Graphical visit summary reports generated from medical history questionnaire, Patient Reported Outcomes, physician notes and diagnosis increase patient engagement and satisfaction.
Automatic tracking of ICD and CPT codes for patients based on patient's medical history.
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smart notes
SMART NOTES Patients are empowered to accept and sign consents on the mobile app as part of the check-in process. Signed consents are available easily for both patients and administrators.


Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROs)

Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROs) questionnaires or surveys are sometimes referred to as instruments. These are different than standard patient satisfaction or many general health surveys. Instruments and scoring methods are designed by panels of accredited medical professionals and specialists. Prosk® uses standard, validated surveys and normalized scoring methods associated with each instrument. The patient responses and resulting scores are graphically displayed showing trends compared over time.

Prosk(r) uses electronic scoring of patient surveys that ensure accuracy by eliminating duplicate or missing responses, paper survey transcription errors and data compilation mistakes

• Standardized, validated health care surveys provide accepted response scoring and comparative measures to determine patient health and progress.

• PRO information is immediately available for physician review with the patient through graphical representation showing patient trends and comparison with normalized scores.

• Easily accessible through secure internet connection on web and mobile apps.

• Comparative patient survey responses over time as well as with other similar patients enhances treatment method success.

• Outcomes analytics provide accurate, reliable outcomes scoring and comparison for review and assessment.

•Increases patient involvement in care and treatment.

• Minimizes infrastructure costs since no additional hardware is required.

• Outcomes data can be easily integrated to existing EHR data, providing outcomes reports as part of comprehensive patient EHR information.

•Data meets health information privacy requirements and complies with HIPAA regulations.

• 91% of patients prefer touchscreen input over paper

• Use of electronic survey collection improves scoring accuracy and completeness

• Real-time outcomes data facilitates patient/provider dialogue during the patient visit

What people say

Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), is a national network of five hospitals that serves patients who are fighting cancer. CTCA offers an integrative approach to care and enhancing their quality of life while reducing side effects both during and after treatment. CTCA has been using Prosk® since 2012 to assist with the measurement of patient reported outcomes. The processes behind this reporting allow for a more open dialogue on those symptoms identified as most severe and/or frequent between the patient and all members of his/her integrative, multidisciplinary care team.

Philip Lawrence


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Morgan McMillan


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Frequently asked questions

We know for a fact, "One size fits all" doesn't work! We offer Software as a Service (SaaS) model powered with customization

Prosk was designed with the input of respected physicians, surgeons, and health care institutions. Prosk includes PROMIS standard general health surveys and scoring methods. Additional subscription-based surveys can be included.